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Maintaining Communication with a Mobile Workforce

Companies in many industries consist of a primarily mobile workforce. Professionals, technicians, and field service workers travel from place to place and are rarely all at a central location. Maintaining communication is important to prevent isolation among coworkers, problem solve as a group, and keep the company moving forward to achieve goals. While some common means of communication work well, it is wise to seek advances in technology to make communicating faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Common Means of Communicating

The cellular phone is practical and reliable. The introduction of smart phones meant people could see each other, have access to company files, and participate in larger conference calls. The issue now is the need to constantly upgrade the smart phones. Every year brings another version of any model, often without much of a difference from the previous model. The phone may be thinner or have an added feature, but is basically the same as the model from last year.

Video conference calls via the internet encourage more involvement and are more productive than just voice calls. These allow participants to share sketches, charts, or graphs. Facial expressions and body language are essential for clear communication, and people are less likely to be distracted when viewing coworkers and know they are being viewed as well.

Push To Talk (PTT)

Walkie talkies for quick communication are not new, having been introduced during World War ll. What is new is paramount to a technological evolution. The use of cellular data networks to provide services means communication at the touch of a button is secure and available wherever there is cellular coverage within the US. The PTT Radio offers many benefits over cellular telephones.

The initial costs are low which is ideal for smaller businesses. The entire system consists of software and devices for users. The devices are basically walkie talkies that have a SIM card. Supervisors can speak to the team or all employees at once, or they can conduct private conversations with a specific employee. One company, Peak PTT, uses only 4G LTE devices so they will not need upgrading for at least a few years. A panic button for safety and GPS location tracking are included in the devices.